Sunday, March 4, 2012

Digital Imaging II

Digital Imaging II is one of the electives I have this semester. I love it, in fact it's one of my favourites. The First Assignment we had was to take photos representing points, lines and planes. Now, the only reason I haven't posted this here is because whilst I have taken photos for this assignment I still haven't decided on which photos to actually present.

Today, however, I shall post a teensy bit about what I did for my second Assignment. The Assignment instructions were as follows:

"Use the same 12 images (4 point, 4 line and 4 plane). Open a new project in Photoshop, (A3, landscape 300dpi, RGB) and transfer your images to this canvas. Create a digital interpretation of your images by reworking the images without the aid of Photoshop filters."

So basically, we had to create a graphic rendering of our image. Below I have uploaded a 'before and after' of an image I reworked on Photoshop:

I might have included more detail than was necessary but I think it was important in translating the image well. And that's all for today. I now have to go sketch more designs for my Xylography project. We'll start carving in wood soon enough and I still haven't decided on what design to choose for print. Hoping that inspiration hits soon enough, hah. 

Hope you had a great Weekend, I know I did. You know, it's amazing how much fun you can have just sitting down with a few friends over a drink or two. Really.

Tina x

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