Thursday, December 22, 2011

The beach in Winter

One of my favourite places to go right now is Golden Bay. In Summer it's ever so crowded and crammed with umbrellas, deckchairs and the sort. However, at this time of year it's close to deserted and very much surrounded in Green.  I also happen to think that Golden bay  is one of the best places from where to see the sun set. Case in point, I took the above photo just as the sun had set. We went there for a quick hot chocolate/Cider and it was a beautiful(ly clouded) day. :)

Christmas cheer

Taken at The Point, Tigne

It's Christmas, and our Dining table is brimming with presents. Big presents, small presents, hampers, multitudes  of wrapping, ribbons and cards. There are some aspects of Christmas which I don't really like, but there is a lot which I like about it. Some things I'm loving this Christmas:

- Christmas Lights
- Bokeh pictures. Thanks to the above and my beloved SLR.
- Our new kitty. And when he pounced on my face at some 3 or 4 in the morning and began pawing at my nose.
- Shopping
- Running around on Campus, with Christmas songs blaring in the Quadrangle. Yay for University Campus Christmas cheer.
- Days off, films, shopping and more.
- A Trip to my old Sixth Form.
- Hot Chocolate and lots and lots and lots of tea.
- Rainy days. Yes.
- Lots of Celebrations and having excuses to party.
- Dining out with lots of friends.
- Catching up with people whom I haven't seen in a while.
- Wrapping presents with ribbons and stuff :3
- Photographic assignments.
- An impromptu meal of tid-bits and wine.
- Heated mulled wine with a slice of orange.
- Cosying up by a lit fireplace. :3

The Mountain

This video literally leaves me speechless as I watch it. It does take some while to load if HD, but it's totally worth it. I really wish I'd go to El Teide sometime soon. The views of the stars are amazing there.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


The subject may not, by standard, be anything beautiful. But the way the photographer composes the photo is something extraordinary. It is a photo by Bernd and Hilla Becher, a married couple who took photos of industrial structures. They specialized in photography and the geometry within their compositions.

Keeping this is mind, I had an assignment of quite a similar nature. We had to photograph water tanks. In my quest to capture these structures, which I honestly don't really like, I tried to keep in mind rules of visual balance, geometry and composition. In the end I managed to find 3 different shots which I liked. I will upload these below, with my favourite first, 2nd favourite and least favourite.

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