Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 things

If you attend the UoM (University of Malta) you'd know that a short while ago Semester 1 ended. For me, that meant getting rid of nagging deadlines and mountains of due work. However, it also meant the beginning of a new phase in my course, which I kind of like till now. Below are a few things I loved this past week. :)

- Spending an hour or so in our garden on Sunday morning, hunting for photos for the photographic assignment I mentioned here.

- Watching RTW Fall/Winter shows. Love, love, love Burburry Prorsum, Ralph Lauren, Rachel Zoe (see my blog post about this collection) and Helmut Lang. Can't wait for Paris Fashion Week. :D

- Spending a day at home, reading, drawing, editing photos, doing research and blogging. I find I do need a quiet day at home once in a while. :)

- Dressing up. I've got these burgundy coloured tights I've been wearing for so many times! Not to mention my cosy ZARA blazer. :3

- Waking up to two kitty cats curled up beside you. (Not before a mini fight erupted between them. Doh.)

- The rain pattering (more like pelting) outside. Although not really when you actually have to go outside- yesterday I got drenched. What I loved after that is coming home and slipping into those heaven-on-earth pjs.

- Going chez le best friend before going out, doing some catching up, getting ready together just like we used to do in summer, laughing, talking. :) I miss Summer because of that mainly.

- Seeing photos of all of us on le best friend's photo mash up on her wall! Ohh seriously. :D

- Going out for drinks with friends, just talking, having fun.

- New music and a new playlist I did a few days ago. :)

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